Kelvin Curry   Figurative Drawings


Born in Oakland, California Kelvin Curry's creative destiny was clear early in life. Initially utilizing black and white graphite as his medium and children as his subjects, Oakland own Black Adoption & Placement Center was among his many venues. His early work caught the attention of jazz musician Wynton Marsalis, who owns a self-portrait by Kelvin.

Later, he would expand into mixed media to bring about multi-

dimension; as well as a sense of rhythm and grace in the abstract female figure.

Kelvin has exhibited his work in hundred of juried festivals, exhibits, and galleries throughout the country. Visitors from countries such as South Africa, Japan, Australia, France, the United Kingdom, and China have chosen his work to adorn their homes in their native lands. Collectors include Randy Crawford, Nancy Wilson, Tom Skerit, and William Alled Young.

To view his work is to experience the association between beauty and love. To bring three energies together in the moment-physical, spiritual, and emotional-is his fundamental artistic expression.


Kelvin Curry

Phone: 510-978-8379