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Red Umbrellas is a non-profit organization of Independent Artists who organize art exhibits in public spaces. Enhancing direct and frequent contact between artists and the public, Red Umbrellas art shows beautify our plazas and parks with the excellent work of emerging and established artists.

Red Umbrellas (RU) was formed by a group of artists who wished to challenge the assumptions and practices within the art industry and at the same time create something worthy of the dignity of the artist, the public, and public spaces. An enrichment where the artists and the public go away advantaged for having come together.

Red Umbrellas’ approach is to bring more Fine Art into public spaces more frequently and more regularly. We believe that artists should not be kept separate from the people who respond to their work. “We want to know these people, meet with them, talk art with them, and keep them as friends and collectors.” 

Today Red Umbrellas also approaches the community through their ”Art Supports Community“ program , Fundraisers where the group donates a portion of their proceeds to the Event Hosting Charity.

“Art washes away the dust of every days life.” 

Pablo Picasso 

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