Membership Options:

Our artists know that the more you show - the more opportunity you have

to connect with potential art buyers .

We offer 80+ single day exhibition opportunities for you to choose from,

including some weekday exhibitions.


You book your shows as you go - throughout the year

No expensive fees ahead of time - you pay as you go

As a nonprofit we keep our fees as economical as possible for our members

and we have different membership options to fit our artists needs.

Active Artists:

-Active artists commit to at least 24 shows/year

-Active artists will get free shows after 6 attended shows /month

-Show fee for active artists is $50.00/show

-Active artists require 5% donation on sales



Guest Artists:

-Guest Artists will pay $75.00/show

-10% donation on sales will be required on all locations.

-After 12 attended shows the guest artist will receive 3 free shows.