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Red Umbrellas is a non-profit organisation of professional artists.

We provide year round opportunities for artists and the public to connect
in a professional, but informal environment.
We’re currently expanding our membership
and are looking for 2D and 3D artists of all media and styles.


Artists working in non-traditional media and styles are highly encouraged.

Only original art - no reproductions !


To apply

Please submit the $35 application/processing fee



Mail or PayPal

Application fee $35.00 via

PayPal :

send to
*** via friends/family to avoid fees ***

Send Check:

Red Umbrellas
122 High Street
Pacheco, CA 94553

then use this LINK to apply.


Please include the following information:


1) Your name, address, phone number, e-mail and website address


2) medium/category


3) brief description of your work and the process you use to create it


4) FIVE images of a consistent body of work you plan to show with us


Please note that we will only review applications that clearly show ONE consistent body of work. For example, you should submit pieces that show consistency in your work. If you paint all kinds of subject matter, but have a unique style that can be identified across all your paintings, that’s okay. But there should be something consistent about the works submitted. (This doesn’t mean that they should all look exactly alike.)


As an artist, you may work within several different styles and media. For this application, you should stay with one media as this demonstrates a cohesive body of work. Your images should relate in terms of media, color, and style.


If you want to submit different styles of art (landscapes, abstract, sculpture, collage, etc.), a separate application/processing fee is required for each category.


As we receive your application fee - our jury will review your application

and respond within 15 days.

Let us know if you have a question:

We look forward to hearing from you!

We offer 80+ single day exhibition opportunities for you to choose from,

including some weekday exhibitions.


You book your shows as you go - throughout the year

No expensive fees ahead of time - you pay as you go

As a nonprofit we keep our fees as economical as possible for our members and

we have different membership options to fit our artists needs.


Please take the time and stop by at one of our shows to speak to our artists directly

and see who and what we are.

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