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Crystal Lockwood

Sculptures & Bronze

Crystal Lockwood began sculpting at the young age of 17, learning under the apprenticeship of Sigmund de Tonancour.

Sculpting for the past 33 years, she has evolved into a renown sculptor with international collectors.   Crystal carves original, one-of-kind sculptures out of cured rare driftwood. She personally selects the wood from beaches in Northern California, Southern Oregon and Hawaii.

Choosing the wood is an integral part of her creative process.  She collects pieces for their own natural energy and flow, incorporating the human form into the driftwood.

From the twisted and gnarled roots and burls Crystal achieves a striking revelation of spirit from organic matter, of nature into man, combining textures of rough and smooth to create a metamorphosis of the human figure.
The root of inspiration for Crystal’s mesmerizing works is twofold ­ the natural shape and energy of the wood itself and the works of the Greek masters, as well as Michelangelo, Rodin, and Manuel Neri.

  “For me, creating art is a deeply spiritual experience and nature is my vehicle of choice. Trees tell an ancient tale of evolution and beauty, of life and death. The story already exists within them. My vision is simply to reveal it, to share that hidden story with others.”

  After her extensive carving process with power tools, Crystal’s sculptures are painstakingly hand sanded and polished with Danish oil to reveal the natural colors and grains of the wood.

   Crystal was born in Sacramento, California in 1963 and received her B.A . in Art History from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Crystal currently exhibits her work in Hawaii, California, Arizona, and Washington State. Crystal welcomes visits to her studio in Vallejo, Ca. by appointment.




Phone: 808-345-3246

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