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Marion I. Maenner

Mixed Media

“ I am devoting many hours of my life to create through diversity the Art of Unity. I wish to put little seeds into this world, seeds that grow into peaceful thoughts that will be carried on like prayers in the wind.”
Every time I start to work is the beginning of a new journey. Intuitive work from a place of timelessness and freedom, always going through the dynamic influences of the present moment, balancing through creating.

I adore the abundance and beauty that surrounds us. Beauty gives us joy and it lights up our existence - it fills us with passion and brings us back to our center when we get lost in our life.

My whole life I was fascinated by the abundant diversity of fabrics, designs, patterns and colors from all over the world. In my art work i can express this love as well as my desire to blend them together into a new unity.

My work is a treasure chest, a carnival of materials enriched with color and meaning, transferred on to a canvas. You will find vintage pieces, clay, findings, wood, pebbles, shells, paper, fabrics and more.....



Phone: 925-389-8451

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