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Sandra Chu

Working with thick acrylics, most often with a palette knife applying layers and layers of paint and glaze, scraping, and adding and subtracting a piece evolves, resulting in colorful and energetic visual excitement.  The work is created on thick border canvas. The sides of the canvas are painted. No framing is required.  For the creation of my work, I use dry pigments, acrylic paint, modeling paste and different types of gel mediums. My work has texture, finish and depth.  I have developed my own glazing techniques to create this effect.

My paintings are not representational allowing the viewer to use their imagination to tell their own story. My paintings reflect what I feel in my heart and imagination, not what I see in front of me, which translates not to a representation of something tangible, but to a painting full of emotion and thought.  

Sandra has a B.A. in studio Art specializing in sculpture from Cal State Dominguez Hills.  Her work is found in collections in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.   








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