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J Scott Cilmi
Northern California Paintings

The focus of Scott Cilmi's landscape paintings is to create a sense of energy and spirit through color, and composition. The paintings are more about the  energy of a place and the feeling of space as opposed to specifically depicting light and being in the moment (i.e plein air). Northern California is full of inspired landscapes and he hopes to carry on the tradition of the great painters who came before him 


Cilmi was born in Ohio but grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, attending the Tyler School of Art. He received his BFA in 1985. His work has been influenced by many great California artists of the 19th and 20th century especially; Edgar Payne, William Wendt, Guy Rose, William Keith, Seldon Gile, Marion Wachtel, Granville Redmond, Arthur Matthews and many more.



Phone: 415 686-3496

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